I currently work as a receiver in the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. I am responsible for maintaining library resources and transporting mail and library property. I work with a team and individually to accomplish tasks.

Project Manager

I worked as a project manager during the summer of 2016 at Creedmoor Family Dentistry, a dental office in Creedmoor, NC. I worked with the company, patients, and insurance companies to fix accounting and software. This involved extensive work with the Accounts Receivable of the business to collect unpaid claims for services. I learned required software quickly. I spent most the time investigating accounting discrepancies and settling claims with insurance companies. I developed skills in accounting, telephone protocol, secretarial dealings and a deep understanding of insurance.

Church Relations Representative

I spent two years in Italy as a representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I acted as a liaison between the Church and the general public. I traveled to several different areas and spent several months responsible for each one. I developed skills in communication, marketing, public relations, and conflict resolution. Work included teaching oral presentations in Italian, Spanish, and English. I acquired extensive interpersonal skills and also good cooking skills.

Pest Control Technician

I worked for two summers as a pest control technician for Moxie Pest Control, located in Raleigh, NC. I worked extensively with customers to meet their needs. I drove a company vehicle and acquired thorough knowledge of insects.